Saturday, January 17, 2009

And Then Life Happened

If you're tuning in for the giveaway, that post is coming a little later. This is just a post about - what was that water coming out of the ceiling?

I worked in the day job 12 hours yesterday, big deadlines etc etc - got to the house and there was a bit of excitement. Of the not-so-good kind.

As I've said before, it's really really cold here. Like zero degrees. For Saint Louis, that's unusually cold. I know, I just lost the sympathy of everyone in a location where it is NOT unusual.

Apparently, a water pipe in the basement froze and broke, and water was cascading down. Fortunately, it didn't happen over the kiln, or the computer. (it can always be worse)

Unfortunately, the fellow who came (very quickly, thank you!) to fix it so we had water last night and this morning had to cut big holes in the finished basement walls to get to the problem.

If it was cold before, I may as well be outdoors now! Of course it will be fixed later today, and the fellows with the water suction equipment will get the water out of the carpet. It's indoor-outdoor carpet but it's not supposed to go SQUISH when you walk on it.

Anyway, thanks for listening, I'm going to bundle up like an arctic trapper so I can work on some designs. And occasionally I will go soak my hands in warm water to get the feeling back.

But this just goes to show that life is what happens while you were making other plans.

Stay tuned for the regularly scheduled giveaway announcement! And thanks in advance for keeping warm thoughts coming my way!


Lorelei said...

oh yuck!
sorry you are dealing with this today Lynn! Try to stay warm!

LLYYNN said...

I thought of your roof leak, Lorelei, and it gave me strength! LOL

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, so sorry, burst pipes are just one of the worst things to deal with. I just bought an ecoheater (brand name) that is a flat panel and heats 120 square feet for about 4cents/hour, hangs on the wall, and plugs into a regular outlet. And they are inexpensive. I use it to keep my garage/studio from freezing. I could give you the details if you are interested. Best, LeAnn

SueBeads said...

So sorry to hear about this - hopefully you'll get it all cleaned up today and next week it will be a distant memory!

LLYYNN said...

LeAnn, I'm going to have to do something. Wouldn't you know it's supposed to be 40 degrees here today. I'm thankful, but it makes me shake my head. Where was the sun yesterday, LOL! Your solution sounds great, I'll follow up with you later, it gives me hope!

The fellows with the water sucking equipment are here now. Lots of oozing carpet cleanup. I can only smile ...

Erin said...

Oh, Lynn! So sorry to hear of your ordeal! Hope it's fixed quickly. Take a break and relax upstairs for a little while. Maybe with a cup of hot tea?

Fanciful Expressions said...

Sorry to hear about your dripping ceiling. Stuff like that is always such a pain. Remember that this too shall pass.Just breathe.....


LLYYNN said...

Thanks, you guys, for the support and encouragement. I am feeling so low, I need all the uplift you can spare.

The carpet is being air-blown now to dry it out, and there are de-humidifiers around every corner in the basement.

But the power drain means if I plug in anything (a buffer, a high-intensity light) so I can work it blows the circuit breaker.

So I'm going to take your advice (sage and wise as you are) and have a cup of hot tea, sit back and relax a little while.

It turns out that the remodel of the basement enclosed some pipes (not us, whoever was here before) without venting so the outside air could reach them but no warm inside air did. So, we live and learn.

Since I can't work in the studio, I guess I'll go up in the warm rooms and do some sketches. Thanks again and again for the kind words.