Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lion's Share

The traveling and the festivities are over now. The family is back in Louisiana and I'm here, back in Saint Louis. I'm just not ready to take the decorations down yet. Maybe one more weekend with a fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot cocoa, and sitting next to it knitting on the afghan for my daughter.

I feel as full of good things and as fortunate as this lion, licking the cream from the plate.

For now, even though I'm nursing a head cold and cough, I'm headed back down to the studio to try to re-connect with what I was working on when the season turned, the hello kisses started and the fun began.

It seems a lifetime ago. But I'm sure once I get down in the basement, the rhythm will swing for me again, and a new year of inspiration will start. And I'm sure the work I do will have elements of those days of fun, happiness, food and tradition in them.

Have you been taking a break during the last several weeks, enjoying the special foods, music and visits from family and friends?


Fanciful Expressions said...

I have taken a break---and enjoyed every minute with family,food--doing the whole holiday thing.
Today my studio is beaconing to me.Come in it says~~~~clean up the mess you left before the holidays lured you away and then focus on creating beauty to make people happy and smile.


EmandaJ said...

I've taken a break too. It's hard to create with the hubby home during the holidays -- I enjoy spending time with him, reading and laughing. I have projects that are calling to me and I really should answer that call. Maybe Monday will be an all-studio-day, I hope.

somethingsublime said...

I never take my decorations down until the after 6th...that's Epiphany...the 12th day of Christmas. So, I say, leave 'em up! And don't feel guilty about it!

LLYYNN said...

I needed a break, things have been moving so fast since Thankgiving. I have a deadline for a project for a magazine article, it's due in a few days. But other than that I've been relaxing, good to catch up with all of you too!

Deryn, I'm leaving my decorations up until Epiphany also - that's the day the wise men arrived with the gifts! Glad to know I'm not alone...