Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Psst! Want to See Something Pretty?

Yo-Yo Midnight Oil, Burning for Heat

It's very cold here, and the studio in the basement is quite nippy!

A friend gave me a suggestion to use a heating pad to keep warm. It does help some.

Why am I down in the basement dressed in multiple layers of clothes, working in a chilly studio? In the wee small hours of the morning?

I'm having a creative moment.

And I don't want to stop yet.

That probably happens to you all the time. You're in the middle of a process, and in your mind's eye you can see what the finished thing will be. But it's not completely there yet. And you hate to break the moment, stop the momentum.

You don't want to put it down and hope you'll recapture the mood the next day. So you keep working, while your feet get cold.

And your hot tea is no longer hot.

But your ideas are smoking and you can't stop.

Not yet.

I'm calling these asian themed beads 'YO-YO' beads.

(**ahem, update, have since learned that there are already beady type things called this, I will have to come up with something fresh...**)

I want to do wire wrap around them.

And wrap them in seed bead collars.

To string them on metal neckwires, and wrap them in knitted cords.

My mind is racing with ideas. If only I could stop the clock. To have more time to try them all out. I hope it warms up soon, so I can spend more time in the basement studio, without being wrapped in a heating pad.

These are asian themed, but I can see them with many different types of designs.



Black and white graphic designs.

Folk Art.

The ideas are coming, and I have to jot them down.

 They are all hand-colored. Sanded, buffed and polished to a high, gleaming shine. They feel good in the hand, and look wonderfully aged.

Like an artifact found in an excavation. They have that aged, very old feeling to them. Smooth as if handled by many hands for generations, shiny but dark with a patina from use.

I've got to stop soon, and catch some rest. And warm up. Maybe I'll dream of new designs ...

Dare I ask - what do you think?


Lorelei said...


that's what I think.

They look like buttons!! But they're beads??!! awesome.

Kerry said...

Lynn they are gorgeous!! I love them. Are they hollow? Do they have a hole like a bead or will the wrapping keep them safe? Just delightful.

I know the feeling you have to a tee. Cold fingers and toes, but just a few more minutes and it might be what you were hoping to see!! My new kiln for fusing is taunting me from the other side of the studio. I can't wait to go play with it.

LLYYNN said...

Yes, they are hollow, rounded on each side but flat on the edges. With a groove for something to wrap around them. I want to make some with holes so they can be strung or put on a neckwire.

Lorelei, now that you said it they do kind of look like buttons but totally round on both sides - oooh, that give me another idea! I need some caffeine really bad!

Kerry, I wish I had the command of wire that you have, to work with these. And it was cold ears and nose as well as fingers and toes, the midwest is having a deep freeze.

SummersStudio said...

Beautiful. I want to touch them, just hold them in my hand. Love, love the shape of them. You should make more. LeAnn

Fanciful Expressions said...

They are fabulous!!! Don't get too frozen then you won't be able to make more beautiful things.

I know what you mean~~sometimes it's almost impossible to stop when creativity hits. I've been burning the midnight oil lately as well. It's worth it when your vision is completed.


Gaea said...

So pretty! Darn my kids and their need for regular feedings and washings! I have a very clear image of you half frozen and creating some magic. I mean sparks are flying!

LLYYNN said...

Gaea, you made me giggle, the thought of you feeding your children while pondering clay thoughts ... I'm going tonight to buy another heating pad to put under me feet, this is really silly. But even though it's going to be ZERO degrees tonight I want to keep playing around with this. My hubby comes to check on me every so often, to make sure I haven't toppled over into a corner all stiff!

Erin said...

Very creative, Lynn! I always love your descriptions and process of thought on the things you make. That doesn't come natural for me. Well, writing anything in general doesn't come natural. LOL! Anyway, can't wait to see the jewelry you end up creating with these.

Speaking of jewelry, pop on over to my blog. I made a necklace using your beautiful fabric and yarn!

LLYYNN said...

Okay, well, here's some free unsoliticited advice. Before I decide what to call these, I did a Google search - and there's already such a thing as yo-yo beads. Who knew? not me, obviously. So I will have to let my unconscious cogitate on a new something to call these. Yo-yo beads are apparently glass beads with no holes, but they have a grove (like these) for wrapping with wire or seed beads.

I promise, I had no idea. So it's always good to Google! Right?

scarlettlanson said...

Hi Lynn,

I just discovered your blog through Lorelei's blog. You have some really great posts here! I wanted to comment on this one because I am a bead weaver and I would absolutely incorporate these into my woven pieces. I think it would be really satisfying to bezel around. They would really work with this one jewelry line I've got going with bezeled ancient coins. Your work is just beautiful. -Scarlett Lanson of

LLYYNN said...

Scarlett, that's just what I was hoping. I do a little beadwork myself, but not as much as I used to. So I could picture in my mind how it might work, but hearing that you think it's workable means a lot! Thanks for sharing that with me!