Saturday, January 31, 2009

Round The World and Around

To Do List for Today:

Make new molds - CHECK

Pour resin in molds for charms - CHECK

Make two sizes of metal holes in charms for testing - CHECK

Create ad for sponsoring Art Bead Scene Bead Cruise - NEXT

I made these rounded bead charm shapes and got to thinking that the small holes are great for wire wrapping and even large scaled jump rings, but they're too tight for a ball chain to fit through. I made some and wanted to use them on my handbag as a charm, with a short length of ball chain. You know how purses, totes and bags sometimes come with that short length of chain with the designer label or something on them? I wanted to take off the original label and use the chain to hang one of my charms.

So I started experimenting with how large the hole needed to be to make the ball chain pass through, without wire wrapping. In case I wanted to change out the charms sometimes.

I got that figured out.

The one on the left in the photo is the smaller hole, and the one on the right is large enough for a ball chain to pass through, no problem.

So now when I list these in the Etsy shop, I'll have to mention the size of the holes. Because obviously the large hole can't be replaced with a smaller one.

I guess I could even have them with two holes, one large and one small, if I wanted to attach a wire wrap dangle on the bottom.

Large hole dome bead has the center design of a compass rose on it, and small hole dome bead has an ecological design with the Earth, Ocean and Porpoises. I have to go finish off some more now.

But I wanted to mention this to get an opinion. Should I offer the choice between two sizes holes as an option for the heart charms? Right now they all have the smaller holes. And for some designs I think the larger hole would be disruptive to the pattern on the heart.

What do you think? Would you sometimes rather have the larger hole, so you can just ADD-CHAIN-AND-WEAR - or rather keep them just as they are with a jump ring or wire wrap?
Inquiring hole makers want to know!


SummersStudio said...

Really good question. You drill the holes after they are made, right? I wouldn't have thought of the option of being able to pass the ball chain thru the hole, but I really like the idea. So I'd say offer the small hole as a standard, but larger available by special request. That way you could keep a couple undrilled ones on hand for the special request. You also could then check to see what the market is for the larger hole option. Does that make sense?

Whew, I am very long winded. I must be procrastinating on actually getting someting done today :)

SueBeads said...

I completely agree - I really like the idea of having one so I can put it on a ball chain - but I like the idea of being able to put a jump ring through it to make it a dangle on a bracelet or whatever. You just keep making things I have to have - shame on you!!!! : )

LLYYNN said...

Thanks for the ideas, I really appreciate the feedback. Here in the depths of the castle dungeon, I sometimes need other people to tell me when I'm on the right track.

Actually I can't complain today, it's been in the mid-40 degrees F and most of the snow (8-9" this week) have melted.

Sue - you crack me up! I've been making some fun new things today, and all day I was thinking 'I wonder if Sue will like these...?'

jenny said...

These remind me of the baskets you have from New Mexico!