Friday, January 30, 2009

Seraphim and Cherubim

Crowning and Glorious

Up until now in my designs I've never used ephemera, or old text scripts, combined with old portraits and put pointed crown shapes and wings on them to create a collage.

There is so much of that around. And it just never felt like something I would think to do. So I didn't want to fall into making something that wasn't really my expression.

Hard to explain.

But today I decided to let my fingers go roaming around that imagery and see what would happen.

Would something come forth that was truly mine?

So I've been playing with faces, and crowns and wings. Making ornate little do-dads. They're almost too large for jewelry. But they'd be great as part of an altered book. Or a collage project, a journal.

The round ones look like chinese cast bronze pieces. With most of the color and patina worn off, and shiny from use. I'm going to drill holes and suspend these on metal neckwires. I don't think I'll even put other beads next to them, I'll just have to see. They have a beautiful shiny sanded and polished sheen. I hope it shows up in the photos.

The blue-toned one is hard to photograph. No wings on this one, I think of him as 'blue boy' - he has a decorative neck ruffle and such nice detail behind him.

The coppery golden toned one is just about right for a focal pendant. I can't decide whether to list them for someone to make up or if I should make a necklace with them myself.

They are timeworn and look like old bronze or maybe cast iron.

Have you ever seen an ornamented building, where the outside has been painted several colors over the years, and then the weather and frequent touches of hands have worn off the top layers?

That's what these look like to me. Or like furniture carvings that have been separated from their original place, but kept aside after years of use and wear.

That's the look I was hoping for. So there are crowns and wings, and faces. There are ornate decorations. And I really like how they turned out.
 Now, I must go and grab some sleep. But I know I'll have more ideas buzzing in my head.
 I can honestly say that to me, they look like I made them. Like they are mine, my interpretation of an idea.
 I hope you know what I mean?


stregata said...

I have been keeping track of the pieces you have created this year and I think they are marvellous. I also find them very inspiring. Keep it up.

SueBeads said...

WOW! : )

LLYYNN said...

::blushing:: thanks very much. Do you think they 'look like mine' - when you see them, do they make you think of something I'd make?

There are so many, many images and ideas out there, I always try to stay true to my course (whatever that is!) and I hope I haven't strayed too far.

And I hope I stay awake today...

Fanciful Expressions said...

They are fabulous.They definitely have your "look" about them, although they don't seem like anything you've made thus far. Your pieces are so original~~~~wish I could peek into your mind and see what makes it come up with these great designs.

Keep doing what you're doing.You rock.


SummersStudio said...

Lynn, they are wonderful and definitely you! They remind me of all the fancy Victorian architectural detail on the terraced houses in my old Melbourne neighborhood. Love that stuff. Cheers, LeAnn

romantic decay said...

beautiful, hope you decide to list some on etsy.

LLYYNN said...

Carolyn, if you peeked in my head you'd probably see something that looks like an overstuffed attic, with wood timber beams at the top and stuff full of old trunks, discarded furniture and children's toys - there used to be a store I went to, some kind of salvage place, that was like that.

I think that's what my mental attic looks like, LOL.

LeAnn, that's just what I was thinking of, the cast iron very ornate and painted trim on the outsides of old buildings - and doorknockers, the kind with a lion's head?

I think I will list them in the shop - it's looking pretty sad and lonely right now!