Thursday, January 29, 2009

Words Are Key

What do you think of
 when you see the image
 of a lock or key?

Vintage style keys have been showing up around me a lot lately.

There were key charms in the Exchange Swap.
 Lorelei's necklace from yesterday's post had an antique key on it.
 A friend gave me an antique key and issued a challenge to create a design with it. I'm still pondering what I'll make with that long, thin skeleton key. This little tile probably wasn't what she was thinking, but somehow it inspired me to come up with this design.

I can see this tile made with more metal holes, at the ends or bottoms, with dangles attached for special memento items to hang. It could hang sideways or upright, it works either way.

The colors are rich and yet have a vintage, worn feeling. The dictionary definition words can be read, talking about life, worth and art.

These tiles are special edition, they are one of a kind. I can make more that are similar, but each one will be unique, I can't make them exactly the same.

And I like that about them.
 It keeps it special, and keeps me playing with colors and shapes, finding new combinations.
 I sometimes wonder what it is in the key shape that is so enticing. Is it the idea of special things locked up, or secrets behind locked doors?
 There's something that speaks to me. So I combined the key with the words.
Which way seems right-side-up to you?
 If you reply to this post and let me know how many holes and which way seems to be the top for you, there'll be a giveaway next week of one of these Key Word Tiles made just for you!


SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I like the image of a key because for me it symbolizes unlocking a mystery. Combining your key with dictionary words seems especially appropriate. Words and language are one of the powerful ways we communicate lifes mysteries. I like the idea of 4 holes so that you could rivet the key onto a box or a book.

SueBeads said...

Hi Lynn - I personally like two holes at the top (with the hole of the key at the top) so you can make it a pendant!

peacockfairy said...

I would like to see a centered hole on each side - then a person could hang it up and down or sideways. :-)

Lisa Martin said...

I like how you have it, maybe an additional hole centered on the bottom for a dangle (with your two holes on top. For me a key makes me think of protection; something becomes safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Fanciful Expressions said...

Love what you've done with this one. I could see one more hole centered at the bottom from which to hang a crystal heart.

I love vintage keys. They remind me of simpler times~~~home and hearth.Keys to my heart.

I have a vintage key~~very elaborate. It's waiting for me to make it into a piece of jewelry for myself. I haven't figured out the design yet. I'll post a picture on my blog when I do figure it out.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn,

I love the "skeleton key" design. It reminds me of a simpler time and of home. When my husband and I got married 18 years ago, we moved into a 1920's bungalow and were issued a set of key. The front door key was a skeleton key!

I love your design as it is. It would also be lovely if there was only one hole centered above the loop o the key.


LLYYNN said...

This is great information! and what I really need. It sounds like the key should be 'hole-side-up' to seem upright if the tile is vertical up and down.

I guess if it was sideways it wouldn't matter if the hole side of the key was on the left or right?

I thought about just one hole in the center, but I worried that it might flip-flop around, especially if it was hung sideways, what do you think?

Carlene said...

Hi Lynn,
I got my Paris hearts yesterday-they are great! Thank you so much for the extra!
I actually like the way you have the tile set up now, but I would also like a hole in the bottom to hang dangles off. I could also go for it with the key hanging hole up, two holes in the top, and one on the bottom. I've got this thing with dueling holes right now. Makes me come up with different designs. And I love dangling things.
Skeleton keys hold mystery and intrigue for me. I fould some great ones at an antique shop this weekend to ad to my collection.
I like what you're doing.
Happy creating!

HINT Jewelry Design said...

I like the image of a key because it reminds me of secrets behind locked doors. In fact when I was coming up for a name for my business I wanted to call it keyhole, because I liked the idea of just seeing a hint of a secret through the keyhole.

I like the key upright with one hole. There is something more powerful for me about a vertical line :)

artemblogger said...

Love keys- especially the aesthetic of the older ones. Whenever I move, I can never seem to find it in me to throw away the key for some reason (and I have moved quite a bit in the past 10 years!).

Keys remind me of childhood mischief (anyone read/seen "Indian in the Cupboard"), the key to your first love's heart, the stepping stones to figuring out how you got where you are and where you would like to go next...

I, personally like the key tile the way you have it pictured- it looks as though it is about to be used to open a door. But I would maybe put 2 more holes in it (on the bottom, symmetrically)so that it would be more versatile to anyone's choice of how to use it:)


Nati said...

Coucou Lynn,
je ne sais pas si j'ai bien compris, mais moi si je fabriqué ce genre de perle, je metterais les deux trous sur le dessus avec la clef droite et donc vers le coté arrondi de la clef, voila.
Je viens tous les jours sur votre blog, j'adore votre univers et votre travail
Bizzz Nati

LLYYNN said...

Ca vas, Nati! Oui, je comprends. Placez deux trous au dessus de la clef, c'est vrai? Merci de la visite !

How's it going, Nati! Yes, I understand, put two holes in the top of the key, right? Thanks for visiting the blog!

Nati said (more or less, my french is middling):

Lynn cuckoo, I do not know if you understand what I mean, but to me if I made this kind of bead, I would put the two holes on the top with the straight key up and down in that direction, like that. I come every day on your blog, j'adore your universe and your work Bizzz Nati

stregata said...

I would also have the key vertically with the hole at the top. I like the idea of two holes at the top corners, but I can also see many possibilities with holes at all four corners. Combineing the key with words is wonderful, because language, which consists of words, is also a key (to understanding).

thecolorofdreams said...

I also like the image of the key over the words. I would put two holes at the top with the key hanging down.