Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blues In The Neighborhood

I've been making lots of little houses the last couple of days. And some hearts, too. I put these down together, getting ready to make the holes for the metal liners, and thought they were a pretty group of blue-green colors together.
 The two bottom hearts have the word 'L-O-V-E' on one side, in blue and green.
Paris blues hearts on the bottom, Love hearts on the top in this photo. To see them with holes and closeup there are more photos in the Etsy shop.
I can't make them exactly the same, they're each hand painted and colored. But they're pretty close, don't you think?

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner from the Key Word Tile post - so if you haven't posted yet there's still time.


stregata said...

I love the colours on these - especially on the LOVE hearts.
Your tiles are wonderful.

SueBeads said...

You MUST stop making things I want to buy!!! :)

LLYYNN said...

Sometimes my palette mix of colors is just right, and I get some really fun shades and tints going. I can't always count on it, I'm still learning the mix. And often it's serendipity - for which I'm thankful when it happens.

Sue - What can I say, I think you're subliminally influencing me to make things you like! LOL