Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Needs New Shoes

I have a back burner project I've been wanting to start, it came from running across these stitched felt baby shoes on the Martha Stewart website.

Aren't they cute? I have little feet in the family that need little shoes!

The pattern template and instructions for this version also are there for a free download and they look fairly easy to make. Dainty girly baby shoes.

I have a paper brochure, just a pamphlet really, that I got in the mid-197o's, that explains how to measure your foot to make handmade shoes. It's mean to use leather for footwear that looks like native american indian styles, but seeing this project using felt made me wonder about using those patterns with fiber materials instead of leather. Hey, to make big girls shoes and slippers, too.

Or check out these adorable Bitty Booties from Heather Bailey, the pattern for these is free. Aren't they sweet? I know some of you have new little ones in your life too, and if you don't make the traditional knitted baby booties, you might enjoy creating a pair (or several pairs) of these to give to your newest family members or to friends.

Getting out the size 30 (extra small) crochet cotton and a size 12 (teensy) crochet hook that is barely visible, I made a length of cotton crochet lace last night. I thought it would be sweet to have my own handmade lace on the shoe trims - yes, I know it's over the top to make my own lace, especially for something that will only fit those baby feet for a short time! But maybe they'll become a family heirloom, it's not like those little feet will wear them out, right?

And another pattern for fabric shoes and accessories from Stardust Shoes are also a free download from her blog.

I wanted to work upstairs in the main room, watching a movie or show, so I knew I'd need more light or I wouldn't be able to see all those tiny stitches. Down from the upstairs extra bedroom came an apothecary lamp with a dimmer so it wouldn't be too bright, to sit on the floor right beside me to shine good light directly onto my hands.

I made a short length of lace to get the fingers back in practice. For some reason recently I've been itching to crochet some lace and now the patterns and materials are all out and in a little padded bag, to make them portable. At lunch breaks and during times when I have to wait, I can work on the little lacy strips.

So now I'm considering how to get some beads into this mix, and do some bead lace crochet! It never ends, does it?

Are you inspired yet? Do you have baby feet that need shoes?


Anonymous said...

I *love* them, all of them. I'm teaching E to say, "MINE" :D

Anonymous said...

Hee :D

Gaea said...

This little piggy needs a cutie booty! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

I clicked the links to the PDF's on Etsy and I love the products that Lil'cubby makes!! Egads, I could go broke getting cute things for E :D

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, Gaea! Aren't they fun ... I can't wait to try making some.

Jenny, the neat thing about Lil'Cubby links is some of them are patterns and you can make your own, too.