Sunday, March 29, 2009

Butterfly Lines

In the how-to shots for the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine article, I had one piece that was in the works that I used to show how I made the boxes. I finished it off recently by adding the resin, it didn't have the resin in it for the photographs. You can see me holding it, in some of the photos. I hand painted the wings to look like monarch butterfly colors.

I'm going to drill some holes to turn it into a focal pendant or charm, it's pretty substantial in size. The color of the lines inside around the butterfly winds are really shiny copper, from when they were etched. And the back is etched copper lines, too.

The lines echo around the shape of the wings and the round charm, I didn't do it on purpose, not like it was planned that way. I made the box, and put the wings down inside, and realized that the lines formed right around the shape of the wings. I like it when things like that happen. Isn't that fun?

So I'm planning to drill one hole in each upper corner for a wire wrap. Do you think I should put two holes in each bottom corner too, for dangles, or other chain? Or no holes? Or maybe one centered hole ... or even three holes?

I'm going to line the holes with darkened copper liners - what do you think about holes in the bottom corners? One, some, lots or none?

Do tell?


SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I like the idea of 4 rivets, one in each corner. That way you've got the option of putting dangles at the bottom. And with the rivets lining the holes it doesn't look funny if you don't put on dangles. BTW, I love this butterfly. It positively glows. Cheers, LeAnn

Round Rabbit said...

I love this piece, Lynn! If it is a substantial size you could certainly get away with several holes across the bottom. And like LeAnn said, if they are lined with rivets they would look good weather something was hanging from them or not.

Beautiful piece!