Thursday, March 12, 2009

Links and Connections

In thinking about working with artists and collaborating on projects, it feels like these links. Separate and unique. But connected.

I was chatting on the phone to a faraway friend last evening, who mentioned that the blog is the place where I talk about the creative actions going on in other places, and wondering how that works.

I don't always plan ahead what I'm going to put on the blog. Usually it has connections to people or activities going on right at that time. No pre-planning required.

Sometimes I wonder who is reading, and what you are thinking about what's on the blog. That's why the comments and emails are so grand. I know I really am talking to someone besides myself.

Making those connections.


Lorelei said...

i love those links Lynn!

maryharding said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You always have such interesting ideas and original work. I like being part of your links.

SummersStudio said...

Hi Lynn, I love reading your blog. Usually you are posting at the crack of dawn so I can have my coffee with you and Lorelei! What time do you get up anyway? A lot earlier than me. Cheers, LeAnn

EmandaJ said...

Hey Lynn, I love reading your blog. I look forward to it each day. I never have that much to say in mine, but like you, I enjoy the comments. And as always, I love your work.


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's like when you're a child and you have a recital, and you family is there because, well, it's you! and they are doing it because you are family. So I hope you come and spend a few minutes here as part of an extended community, yes, family, that likes the same things and keeps track of each other.

Your comments, shared stories and encouragement mean very much!

And yes, I do rise very early. Let's just say that the spring forward at the Daylight Savings Time change has not affected me very much, I'm still getting up at the same hour, LOL!