Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Springing Forward with Art Companions

I have a collection of things I've gotten from various talented people, creative idea makers. I am putting together some jewelry using the components and beads, combined with some of my own creations. It's like working together with someone, to create something unique.

I've had some
glass beads in lovely, frosted and bird-egg colors from StudioRent, but I hadn't yet used them in a design.

I also got a lovely ceramic glazed leaf from
Erin at EveryHeartCrafts, and I've admired and enjoyed looking at it, but hadn't used it. It was part of the charm-clasp exchange, and I wanted to do something special with it.

So I created a bird print design pendant and started pulling out things to use with it, and I noticed that the glass beads and Erin's leaf looked perfect with the oval pendant. My pendant even had some of the same markings of a ruddy color that one of her leaves had under the glaze. They were perfect together.

The glass beads remind me of bird's eggs, and Erin's leaf of the nest the birds may be making now as the seasons change and move through their cycles.

The heavy gauge dark patina wire for the hand forged hook is from PatinaQueen. I get many of the beadcaps from a lovely
store in Etsy named ArtfulMarket - she has great beads and findings. As much as I can I like to make almost everything on the jewelry I create, but making this necklace felt like a collaboration inspired by the spirit of spring. The robins are hopping in the yard, the weather is warming up.

The little pendant with its dangles can swing around the necklace chain, and sit with the clasp in front and the rosary wrapped glass beads in front, or with the clasp in back and the various green shaded matte seed beads in front.

I patinaed a dark color on the rosary wrapped beads, they have a lovely vintage look. Remember in an earlier post I talked about the chain I made while waiting in the car at the bank ... yup! those are the ones. It's not a long strand, just a hint of green flash.

Welcome, Spring - Come Soon!


SueBeads said...

Just beautiful! I love it!

Erin said...

This necklace is gorgeous, Lynn! I LOVE the colors! What a perfect way to use my leaf! It looks a amazing. Your getting me excited for Spring! Yah!

Erica said...

This is a really lovely necklace! I LOVE the pendant!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

So happy you are pleased, Erin. I treasure the little leaf shapes from the charm swap and wanted them to go into something really special.

Hi, Sue - thanks for the feedback!

Erica, good to see you. Thanks for the encouragement. It's really pretty on - of course I had to do my 'test wearing' and it is very fun around the neck.