Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blackbird, Bluebird, Redbird

The days are getting longer, it's warmer every day now. I saw a cardinal, a bright red fellow, through the kitchen window. There's a robin redbreast that peers into the studio sometimes from the back yard, sitting in the grass.

Maybe that's why I've been making more birds and wings lately. It reminds me of the growing sunlight, the warmer breezes. The sparrows swoop and soar, in spite of the light spring rainstorms.

I even heard the tune of the ice cream truck going past. It's almost May Day, time to enjoy the season.


I finally got caught up on all my orders, I've shipped everything and I'm so relieved! I hate it when I owe things to people, and everyone has been so patient. Because I don't have orders right away to fill without guilt tripping myself, I can make some plans for new projects.

Plans for the weekend studio:

1 - make some more resin charms and finish some of the ones already made and waiting

2 - make some glass soldered pieces with collage images inside

3 - enamel and fire some glass, to make faux gems

4 - carve and cast some clasps and closures

5 - fuse and fire some fine silver links and make chains

6 - take parts of all of the above and make hair gems, earrings and bracelets

NOT necessarily in this order! I think I have plenty to do, to keep myself busy, don't you?


SueBeads said...

Sounds like a hugely busy weekend! Have fun, but get out in that sun too!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, my life sounds a little like yours at the moment. But it is the pair of cardinals that come searching for seeds in my garden that I most look forward to each day. I love that intense flash of red when the male flits from branch to branch.

sharon said...

WOW Lynn, that's some list! I love your new pieces and have been working with the wings I purchased from you all last night. Still not done but close. It is very bird inspired, but not literally. Yesterday at my birdfeeder we had a young woodpecker, very black and white, but the red on his chest and under his wings flashed brilliant reddish orange, and seeing him with all the yellow finches around has inspired me also!

dogfaeriex5 said...

darling those sweet pieces..xo

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I'm planning like a military general, if I cut glass the night before and start fusing, while the kiln is running I can prepare the collages, and during their drying time arrange the soldering station ... and on it goes. I want to maximize the downtime between processes, most likely those of you who work in clay and firing know what I mean about the wait time for the kiln.

And if I don't get it all done, it will still be there waiting for the next session.

Sharon, so happy you are enjoying the wings, can't wait to see how they turned out for you!