Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exhibition 36 Book Review

I got a gift card for a local bookstore, so I went poking around and had a good time looking for a new inspiration in a book. I've been on a book diet, sometimes I have to go on a book diet, to keep myself from owning every book ever published.

But I found this book by Susan Tuttle published in 2008, titled "Exhibition 36 - Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations" and I was immediately intrigued.

I haven't seen other reviews of it, possibly my book diet kept me from exploring, but it's a feast for the eye and a wonderful addition to my library.

Susan Tuttle collaborated with many other artists who work in paper, metal and fabric, some of my favorite artists are here, and some new favorites. There are 36 artists, thus the title, including well-known folks like Claudine Hellmuth, Deryn Mentock, Karen Michel and Richard Salley, whose work was familiar to me, and others I didn't know as well. The new discoveries led me on a search to learn more about them, and that was fun too.

If you don't have this book, you might add it to your 'wish list' if you like mixed media and creativity, displayed at its best.


somethingsublime said...

Thanks for the mention, Lynn! It's a really terrific book.

Candace said...

Hi, Lynn. Thanks so much for the tip. I shall look for that this weekend.
Take care.

stregata said...

You're right, Lynn, it is a wonderful book! I have it in my library of favorites!
Full of such inspiring artists!