Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet Hearts

I've been playing with the heart shape, and with color. Making new heart designs, that look like enamel porcelain or like fabric brocade patterns. Here's a little group of them clustered together.

This one reminds me of the faces of old clocks, but in a heart shape, with the bright green color. I think one of my relatives had a jelly pot that was this color, a little chipped at the top, the kind with the handle in the flattened, enamel porcelain lid. The color is like a jolly rancher candy, the tart apple flavor.

I put a lot of antiquing and wear look onto these two Tuscan fleur de lys hearts, they are a matched pair.

The window is open and the brand new leaves on the tree are moving around outside in the breeze. The clapper on the bamboo windchime is knocking, making the percussion for the day's song.


sharon said...

Luscious! These little pieces look loke they have come to life!

SummersStudio said...

I especially like that green. For some reason, I am very attracted to green right now. In fact I just added two new greens to my glaze tests. The heart is such a lovely shape to play with and I really like what you are doing with them.

BTW, I am only young at heart. Most mornings my body definitely feels it's age :)

No Easy Beads said...

The Tuscan fleur De lys hearts are my favorite. Very New Orleans.

maryharding said...

Lynn, Your hearts are great. I like the eyelet for stringing--gives it a very modern/vintage look.

HappyDayArt! said...

I love them all. A great way to have color!