Monday, May 11, 2009

Charmingly Sweet, Sweetly Charmed

This crown and cross design is one I've been making for a while now, to resemble carved bone or ceramic. This one is metal, cast in pewter, with a faux gemstone of dichroic glass at the top.

I've been wanting to create some new things in cast metal, I finally got all the hardware and necessary components together, and took the time to figure it all out last weekend. That was sort of my mother's day gift to myself.

I've had a productive day, making several ornate cast pewter charms. They're in the Etsy shop, if you want to see some more.


sharon said...

Love the design and the color combination Lynn!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I love how your are translating a familiar design into a new medium. The colour of the pewter is beautiful. I'd love to hear more about the process. Good work!

SharonP said...

Just lovely, and very vintage! The stone looks like druzy.

No Easy Beads said...

Sweet charms. I especially liked the windchime.