Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friendly Giving, Giving Friends

A few weeks ago, Nancy at Rabbit Muse posted a gift exchange on her blog, and I signed up. She sent me this great little heart shaped bowl. I keep it in my bathroom, full of these little fused glass droplets.

It reminds me of the colors in the leaves of giant elephant ear plants, shaded in the summertime under the tree.

The smoothness in the hand, the delightful green tones in the eye, make me happy to see in the mornings as I'm preparing for the day.

Now that the leaves are full on the trees and the grass green, it's a mirror of what exists outside the window rather than a promise of something that's hidden but coming soon. I like that part the best.

Thank you, Nancy, for the promise, the image and the gift.


sharon said...

How beautiful Lynn!! I love looking at the exchanges I've made with people also, it presents a different outlook. It makes me think, "What can I do for someone today that will make them smile?"

Pretty Things said...

Mmmm, lovely!

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a beautiful thing, how can looking at this heart not make you smile!! xo