Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mums and Babes

Baby faces grow up so quickly. Happy Mother's Day to all, to the new moms with their tiny, fleeting faces looking up at them with a smile.

To the moms with teenagers, entering through the door to adulthood, learning who they are and flapping their wings like fledgling birds in the nest, preparing to fly on their own.

To the moms with the nests already empty, looking for new roles in their own and their children's lives, watching as their child becomes an adult.

To the moms in waiting, with a baby next to their heart, anxious to have that new baby in their arms and dreaming of their future together.

Happy Mother's Day. Kisses and Hugs to All!

Don't let me stop the wonderful flow of thoughts in the previous post, it's still open for comments.


sharon said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!!
I say Happy Day to all!

No Easy Beads said...

Thank you for a beautiful Mother's day wish!

Pretty Things said...

I particularly love that last pendant -- such wonderful art and a beautiful expression!