Monday, May 4, 2009

Ocean Dreams Fairy Streams

Being by the ocean apparently makes me think of wooden ships, tall masts and carved wooden figureheads. That's what this noble lady's profile reminds me of.

The statuesque beauties that were the ship's mascots, carved and painted with flowing locks and sightless eyes looking ahead, guiding the ships across to their destination.

This oval focal is small but has a lot of texture, it looks like worn enamel or carved jade in a distinctive Art Nouveaux style, maybe found from an archeological dig at the bottom of the Mediterranean.


sharon said...

Your noble lady is a beauty! I have visited Cape Elizabeth, Boothbay, Wiscasett, and surrounding towns of Maine many times and never tire of the sea and the stories, they are fascinating. I can hear the fog horn.

laurelmoon said...

Absolutely lovely! Your work is so beautiful and creative.

dogfaeriex5 said...

aww another beauty....i love the face....a great piece to wear strolling the strand while gently rubbing her face..beautiful talisman...xo