Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brick Streets, Bayou Style

Discovering the flavor of the Louisiana country, both visually and at mealtimes, was a delight. The colors and designs of the plantations and the old city streets is a unique pleasure.

This stroll through history included a marvelous meal of shrimp and crawfish, with just the right amount of heat to tempt the flavors fully out of the seafood.

I haven't had shrimp that tasty in a very long time.

There's a lot of history and long years of human stories in these Louisiana towns.

We made a leisurely stroll all through a very old hardware store, the kind that has one of everything and something for everyone. The wide plank floors, the high ceilings with skylights, built in the days before electricity when the light had to come from the outdoors to light up the building.

It's always interesting to see how different cities decorate for the Independence Day holiday, it's a regional affair with a shared theme, but unique twists reflecting that city and culture.

This is a sign from Front Street in Nachitoches, Louisiana. There's a lot of interesting things, including art and cookery, that goes on in this town and especially right on this street.

We ate at Mama's Oyster House. Lots of good, finger-licking food for a hearty lunch. YUM!

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