Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charm Keeper Key

Keys and keyholes are a favorite emblem and symbol for me. My grandmother had an old wooden multi-pane french door that went out onto the screen-in porch. It had a decorative faceplate for a keyhole, I don't think they ever locked the door. But I remember the dark metal with its scrollwork, and the ornate opening for the skeleton style key.

I'm glad to see that type of ornamental decorative metalwork coming back into style in home decor. The vintage style decoration on utilitarian items, in daily use. It's very elegant.

This cast pewter faux skeleton key charm has two loops at the top for hanging, and a large curved loop at the bottom. I can picture many different charms or beads dangling from the large loop. Maybe something special for a gift. Or semi-precious birthstone beads, to remember children's birthdays.

Or I suppose it can be used as part of the clasp, with a large hook through the key's opening. I don't always know how the pieces I make will be used, but I try to think of necessary openings and loops. To give lots of creative options, for all you creative and inventive ones out there!

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