Monday, July 27, 2009

Crowing Keys, Fleur de Lys

I cast this ornate crown in pewter and added a small loop at the top and a large open loop at the bottom. I can see it as a clasp for a lariat style necklace, or a lot of long dangles on the bottom loop hanging down.

Or charms for a keychain, it's a large crown. It reminds me of doorknockers on bright red doors in Scotland. My hubby sometimes says that the focals are too large, but I prefer distinctive jewelry myself, so I lean toward substantial focals.

I also made a 3-way connector. It has a heraldic style, with thistle tassels and almost-legible latin words on it, and slightly curved in shape. I could see it used in a design with a chain connecting to a clasp at the top of the crown, with two, or even four, strands of beads or pearls from the two bottom loops and connecting to the large loop on the crown. It would be lovely that way, with the two of them in a design together.

Maybe even with the long key as a dangle off the bottom of the large loop of the crown. It reminds me of some of the paintings from the famous masters of dukes and duchesses, with the large lovely necklace strands against their velvet garments.

They have a patina that's slightly bronze or coppery in tone, and polished and buffed to give them a worn and vintage effect.

I could also see these made into some truly lovely holiday ornaments, for decorative or symbolic uses, on candlesticks or for a doorway decoration. Can you think of ways you see these components used, either together or separately?


TesoriTrovati said...

Your work is simply amazing and it gets better and better every time I see it. That crown is gorgeous and I too can see many possibilities! Thanks for sharing your inspiration today! Enjoy the day! Erin

EmandaJ said...

Hello Lynn,

These are fabulous! I'm drawn to your key and your crown. The first house my husband and I lived in had a skeleton key and I kept it after we moved away. I kept it on my keyring, but when I lost my keys and that was that. I might have to replace it with your pewter key!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Keys are funny, I still have the keys to a Volkswagon Campmobile that I owned a while back, I keep them in a drawer of a wooden cabinet with BBQ sauce (no reason the two are together, just worked out that way) along with one of the brass spanners for a sailboat I used to own.

This pewter key found a home, but I'll be making more so keep a lookout for them. Thanks muchly for the kind feedback!

Judy said...

The crown is just wonderful! I would love that in a necklace! After all don't we all wear the crown!

hint said...

love the patina and that key is gorgeous! You are out of control Ms. Pewter Queen :)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Yes, if you were wondering, it WAS supposed to be titled "Crowning Keys, Fleur de Lys" - the N is missing so now it's something about blackbirds! But I left it because it sounded fun and intriguing...