Monday, July 13, 2009

Street Spiral Fleur de Lys

On Sunday, I took the day off. After crawling around on the floor in the office disconneting and re-connecting computers, moving printers, lifting boxes and pushing carts of things around to finish (mostly) the relocation and move at the office, I was bushed. Wore out. Cross-eyed and pooped!

So I gave myself the day off, to just sit and read. Eat a little frozen ice cream desert. Possibly nap a little. Sleep late, go shopping if I wanted a distraction.

Then a huge thunderstorm came through, making the day a little darker and wetter than I expected. Thank goodness we did the outdoor grilling on Saturday and avoided the downpour and wet deck on Sunday.

So I'm sharing some more photographs off my camera, to help me remember the images from my vacation!

These photos are more from my vacation to Louisiana. I know that when I get back into the studio, the images, colors and spirit I picked up on the trip will show up in the work.

Isn't that a cool sign on the gate found on Front Street in Nachitoches, Louisiana? Always good to know what happened in 1835, right?

Don't you love the designs in this outdoor chair on the square, with its stylized fleur de lys and wrought iron swirls and curls? And in the gate between the buildings, with the vines climbing on it?

I will be rested and ready to go into the studio and creatively inspired this week, since I slept twelve of the last twenty-four hours, I know I'll be ready to roll again! Sleep, glorious sleep...

And I bet these images will be there, lurking in the tips of my fingers and ready to pop out into the designs, what do you bet?


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of you vacation, Lynn. Such inspiration! I know they'll be in your next pieces from the studio. Glad you're rested and ready to go!


jenny said...

I'm loving your photo-travel (photravel?) blog entries, MOM!!