Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victoriana Timeless

The look and beauty of old styles of jewelry inspire me. I admire the streamlined, sleek look of modern jewelry, but I really love making and wearing pieces have lots of details and sentimental effects on them.

The victorian period jewelry has a lot of symbolism in the designs. Figures of acorns and thistles, cameos and hair ornaments.

Beautiful rhinestone and crystal pieces, I can imagine them worn over handmade lace and deep colors of velvet. These prints of vintage Victorian jewelry are from the 1850's, they are illustrations created for an exhibitition.

I plan to make some hair ornaments like decorative combs, bobby pins and barrettes, and these images are inspiring me. Seems as though having something like these in your hair would make you feel like a princess!


lilibulle said...

what a good idea!! i love vicorian style too.. i email you..

Judy said...

I love antique jewelry...the workmanship is amazing with such detail. Great drawings!

Maggie said...

You ideas for hair ornaments are great. We would like to include them on our Wearable Ornaments page at Ornaments.com.