Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Life in the Heart

I've wondered how it might be to live as a full-time artist. Sounds scary and risky, to one like me who has always worked a regular day job.

I read blogs of folks who do live that life. It seems like a trade-off in some ways. Although working for a company is probably just as risky as being self-employed, or creating artwork for a living.

Recently the Saint Louis Art Fair was here, it's a huge art fair. There are what seems like miles of beautiful artwork of all kinds.

Years ago I did art shows, but I kept the day job, too. Guess I'm just not up for taking the chance, going full speed on creativity alone.

Maybe someday. If I get a chance to plan and make it happen, maybe I'll take that chance one day.

If you are making your bread-and-butter money with the fruits of your creativity, do you find it scary, rewarding - or both?

I celebrate your courage and creative inspiration! Viva the ART LIFE!


Esther said...

hoooooooo lynn!! it's beautifull!!!i have no english words to explain if it's scary or rewarding..I think it's scary to expose to the judgments of others, if we do not sell, we will always doubt that others do not like our work. Nevertheless, when you sell it is a huge reward, not necessarily monetary, artists we work that we like, and not to mention money, that others love our artwork, it's the greatest reward.
Finally, I am speaking too bad .. In any case, your heart is sublime!

EmandaJ said...

(Too many typos in the deleted post -- let's try again)
Hi Lynn,

I've been thrown to the wolves creativily speaking, after losing my job. I'm not making money at art yet, but the rewards are great (as is the risk). Think of it this way, if you are "down-sized", you have creative and commercial outlet. You do beautiful work.


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

That heart captures so much in such a little piece. It explains what a lot of us artists are feeling. Wonderful work!

Art is my bread and butter now and sales have been slow since I started but I stay hopeful because it is what I love. Happiness is everything!

SueBeads said...

I love your little heart pendant! It's great! I am lucky because I do what I do with support of my engineer and my family! No way could I "make a living" doing what I do - but I'm glad that I can do it!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Esther, merci pour les bon mots, toujour!

Emanda, I have mixed feelings of envy and concern. And thanks for the compliment about the work. You do beautiful work always!

Sue, I wish I was able to do torchwork but my torch fears stand in my way. When I look at your beautiful beads (which I do daily because the ones you sent me are right by my computer) I think about you and your talent. You give a gift to the world by making such lovely things.

Leslie, you named my fear totally - what I I fail? What's that old saying about what you would do if you knew you could not fail?