Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fairytales from Oldtimers

I made quite a few brooches and focal pendants using the resin and the cast pewter. I'm trying to make a look of something light and breezy, sweet and old, like an antique hand-me-down.

These two, with the words "FAIRYTALE" and "OLD-TIMERS" inside, are small and dainty but very ornate.

There's a small loop on the bottom of each one, just right for a darling dangle of some kind. And one is a focal pendant, while the other one is a brooch to pin on a scarf, handbag or coat as an ornament.

They have a thin cast pewter frame around them, and you can see seashells inside. Like a memento of a trip to the ocean.

They're both in the Etsy shop now - I did a major late-night posting session!


Tina said...

Sweet!! love the look of these! keep it up, your on a good roll!

Marbella Designs said...

lovely, great work!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

These are fun little pieces, I want to make more with different words in them.

I have to confess I've been "test wearing" the one that says OLD-TIMERS and I've found it to be quite the conversation starter, lots of fun!