Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flights Of Angels

The lyrics to an old song are running through my head these days, for no apparent reason.

All Day, All Night,

Angels Watching Over Thee My Lord,
All Day, All Night,

Angels Watching Over Thee

Maybe it's all the hubbub about the coming flu season, everywhere you turn you hear about it. Flu shots, outbreaks.

Or maybe it's the result of listening to late night Jazz and Blues radio shows. Gospel music in the old-time style.

I wish I could show in a photograph the colors, depth and sparkle in this new medallion.

It has a coppery-bronze look, and the colors are very unique. I can't replicate those happy accidents that happen sometimes. This is one of those special colorings that just happens.

The back is very ornate too. Maybe I have the upcoming holiday season on my mind.

Angels or cherubs, baby faces with crowns. I don't know why they're on my mind right now, but I'm happy this one came to visit me, through my imagination and out the fingertips.


No Easy Beads said...

LLYYNN I have a few angels with me. One of them is a parking lot angel. (I am serious)I pull into a parking lot and call out to my angel. There is a parking space right up front.
The lyrics to the song are beautiful as is your angel. May they guard and protect you always.

Anonymous said...

beautiful medallion and indeed the colors are lovely

Esther said...

magnifique médaillon!!! colors are stunting, and i love when the back is ornate too!!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

I am very partial to angels because they do bless our lives. This one is lovely. I will go to your etsy to see if they are for sale there.

dogfaeriex5 said...

love love love these new cherubs..very nice and that color, well it is luscious!!