Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Breathe

Here at the home front we have some medical issues coming to be resolved.

My hubby is going to have an outpatient surgical thing done today. It's the last of several things and hopefully the very last of all, for a long time. At least, we hope so.

This little pendant focal speaks what's on my mind, as I take him in and bring him home later today. I'm sure everything will be fine and it won't take long, we'll be done in no time and back at the house, with feet up and plenty of liquids.

Just breathe. BREATHE. I think I'll wear this little pendant to remind me.


SueBeads said...

Good luck to your husband and you, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

♥ to you two from us three!

TesoriTrovati said...

Thinking happy thoughts and sending them your way...breathe in...breathe out...repeat.

Enjoy the day!

stregata said...

Sending best wishes for your husband and yourself!!
Remember, breathe!

Anonymous said...

best wishes

The Joy of Nesting said...


Will keep you two in my thoughts today. Sending you nothing but positive chi all day!!!

Pattie ;)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, dears, we are home and taking it easy today. Your well wishes made a lot of difference. You don't know how people are supporting you until you need it the most, and then you see they are there for you.

My hubby is doing well, it went very well in surgery today. I really appreciate the support.

Now I have to go make sure all medication is taken and resting happens!

No Easy Beads said...

sending healing thoughts and get well wishes from the south.
That is so important

Mari said...

Best wishes!