Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spanish Hearts Open Doors

I can definitely see the influence of the book I'm reading now, in the very spanish style setting on this little heart.

It reminds me of designs I saw when I traveled in Mexico, many years ago now. In the interior of Mexico, Guadalajuara. That very European style city, with its cathedrals and museums, so beautiful.

Like the nichos designs, with their hammered shapes. And the bright colors inside, like the flaming heart patterns you see in drawings or paintings. An icon.

There's a three-day weekend coming, and even after that I'm taking a few days away from the day job to spend at the house, no traveling anywhere.

Unless I decide to take an afternoon and go to check out some of the local galleries or go bead shopping.

I hope to get a lot done on various projects around the studio while I have the time to devote to that.

Wish me luck! Maybe I'll get some photos of the studio taken, while I have the time.


SummersStudio said...

Have a lovely weekend, Lynn.

Gaea said...

WOWZA! These are fantastic!!! Love the combination of glass and metal! Beautiful!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, my friends! It's raining like crazy here now so I'm hunkered down in the studio listening to the dripping outdoors.

Gaea, I'd love to figure out how to get so much detail in my fused glass, but I must confess, these are resin.

It makes them more lightweight, since they are substantial sized pieces.

So happy you like them!