Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trying New Things

I've been experimenting this week, trying to establish some ways of doing new things.

I like the look of resin with special words and images inside. I want them to be old-fashioned looking, a reminder of old time jewelry styles, but fresh and light.

These charms are something I'm working on right now. They are lightweight and great for earrings, even though they're very visible and the words show up beautifully.

These have the words "TWIG" and "BLOOM" inside. I was thinking of gardening, how you plant a rose bush and it looks like a twig at first. And how if you take care of it and prune it, eventually it will fill out and make beautiful, colorful blooms. If you just look at the twig it doesn't look special, you have to imagine the beauty that's to come.

I love the look of glass, but larger pieces of glass can have some weight and might not work as well for earrings, so the resin allows a way to have translucency in a larger sized charm.

But the tiny ones with the words "YES" and "NO" are very fun. I can think of many conversations that might come up while wearing these earrings, can't you?

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SueBeads said...

I like them Lynn! I love how you keep trying new things!