Monday, October 5, 2009

Black and Tan, Bones and Wings

I don't think I'm feeling gloomy. Maybe it's the darkening days, the approach of All Saint's Eve at the end of the month. Spooky!

Did you see the gorgeous FULL MOON setting this morning? Bright enough to cast shadows.

But you can see I've been making some dark items. With more skulls. With wings.

They're lots of fun to look at, a little spooky but not too much.

Very Victorian style, like carved jet. They wore a lot of black jewelry in Victorian England.

The studio computer has found the printer! Turns out it was the cable after all. Seems like one thing down, 500 more to discover and fix. But progress is being made.

So now I can print again! Whew!

On Sunday afternoon, I think it was on the NPR Radio Program "Fresh Air," there was a radio show about making things by hand and about craft and art related subjects.

How our brains like to do things that involve both hands, and that human brains are hard-wired to create things.

They talked about knitting, and the studies that show it is calming and relieves anxiety to knit. Interesting!

I took the vacuum cleaner to the studio floor. There's indoor-outdoor carpet in there. The studio dog brings in leaves and sticks on her feet and fur, now that the trees are starting to drop their leaves again. She goes to the dog spa today, to get her hair done!

She used to stay down in the studio with me, but when I start hammering wire on the bench anvil, she leaves and goes upstairs. I guess the "tink-tink-tink" of the metal striking bothers her doggie ears.

My hubby is scoping out a new computer for his office. He'll need adaptors, possibly a new monitor. I'm just thankful the studio computer is working. This was a warning to me to back up my photos and information.

Best burn everything to an external hard drive or DVDs. JUST in case, you know.


SueBeads said...

Very cool! I love the skullies in your store right now, too! Check out my blog today!

Anonymous said...

love this, will have to check out your skullies that sue mentions above.
glad the printer is up and running

The Joy of Nesting said...


These little guys look like they would be heeps of fun to play with!

Queen Victoria made lots of black gems,clothing, jewelry and accessories very popular during the 40+ year of her mourning after Albert died. :)The jet jewelry I really enjoy, but it's a bit harder to find enjoyment wearing a mourning necklace or watch fob :(

Glad to here that you are finding your way back to the world of technology!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Amanda said...

These designs are in perfect spirit for el Dia de los Muertos! These skulls are great - they REALLY do look like the popular sugar skulls. And the wings! Ahhhhh!
I'm in love with something that doesn't have skin. (: