Monday, October 19, 2009

Come On Over, The Door's Open

I'm late getting to this, thanks for waiting up for me.

The Random Number Generator picked the number 6 - That's Joanna!

Use the link on the left sidebar, Joanna, to send me your contact information in email, and thanks to everyone who played along. Your ideas are a bit intimidating, but all together inspiring too.

Gotta go finish some more projects around the house ...


Alice said...

Congratulations Joanna! Lucky you!

Amanda said...

Congratulations, Joanna! Make something beautiful!

Lynn: Don't be intimidated, you're more than capable of handling all of our ideas, and probably teaching every single thing we suggested! If you weren't capable, we wouldn't have suggested anything at all. (:

joanna said...

Oh, thank you thank you!!! I am so excited! I can not believe i won!

DiTTO on what Amanda said, i think you will find yourself growing in your journey, i have head that from so many artists that have started teaching. You are very capable of anything!

It is amazing how we all can LoOK at the same thing or same idea and see so many different possibilities.

I am so excited for you and can not wait to see how it all pans out. You are such a very talent artist in all that you do.

And thank you most of all for creating this wonderful blog and sharing all that you do and your journey with us, we are all along for the ride and can not wait to see the next door open...

*¸.•*´¨)* HAPpY♥DANCe *(¯`'•.¸*