Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Tree, Leaf and Stem Giveaway

I promised a giveaway for the folks who gave me ideas about what I might like to teach, to think about preparing a class. It seems crazy at the moment with the time shortage to even think about teaching.

People ask me, though. Someone I admire asked me about Art and Soul, and I had to say that I wasn't ready or prepared. It made me feel good, though.

Maybe one of these days I could think about a big event like that. Right now I'm just thinking about something in my own studio, my messy creativity place.

This is a substantial element, with an old-time photo of two fellows sitting together and the word "FAMILY" on the front, and a small pewter leaf at the bottom. One of the fellows is smiling, and the other looks very serious. It makes me wonder if they were brothers, or somehow related. They sort of look alike a bit. I was thinking of a family tree. That's why the crest at the top, like a family banner or heraldic emblem.

It could be put on top of a keepsake box as an ornament, or used as a decoration on the holiday wreath or tree. I can see it on the front of a handmade book, the back is plain so nothing would be covered up if it is used that way.

It has a wire loop at the top and bottom. If I was attaching it to a piece of jewelry, I'd use them with some heavy chain, and maybe something interesting for a dangle on the bottom. You might have an even better idea.

On Monday, I'll do a random number generator for this Family Tree focal bead to see who will win it. So if you have any great ideas for classes, go to the earlier post and let me know. I've left it open.

I hope you like this piece - it's sort of my idea of a collage unit, and for the first time I combined the polymer clay, resin and the cast pewter all together.

Today is my turn at Studio Saturdays on the Art Bead Scene Blog - if you post a reply to the question that's posed, you may win a little resin word charm.


SummersStudio said...

Hi, Lynn, it sure looks great to see all of these different talents of yours combined into one piece. It must feel like something of a milestone to pull so many things together. It's a lovely piece.

TesoriTrovati said...

Could it be possible to love all your newest pieces more than the last? I love the history that they convey and the sense that they were unearthed in a dusty box of memorabilia in the attic of an old lady who lived with a lot of cats. There is a quality to your work that really defies classification. I love it so! I will go check out that other post because my memory is faulty if I had suggested things to you before. You always delight me! Enjoy the day! Erin

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, friends.

I needed to hear from ya'll today. It's been a tough, rugged week.

Lots of troubles here and there, but this too will pass.

Your support means the world to me.
You have no idea how much!

Laurel said...

Hmmmm, well they say that those who can't do - teach! Is that why I got in to teach at Art & Soul and
Adorn Me?

Believe me, Lynn - you are more than ready. All you would have to do is put the classes together and the world will beat a path to your door!

Alice said...

I'm sure I posted a comment and waited to make sure it went through.....

Love the pendant!

Esther said...

wow Lynn!! i think it's your most beautiful piece!!! a real treasure!! so many details!! i love this tribute!! FANTASTIC

PolymerClayTutor said...

What a stunning piece Lynn! It is rustic and warm and filled with love and sentiment. Whoever wins this will have a treasure indeed! ~ Cindy Lietz

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Goodness, Laurel, you have a lot of faith in me. And I'm absolutely certain you are a wonderful teacher - hope you enjoy your upcoming sessions. I always think I'd learn just as much as I'd try to share!

Esther, my package arrived today, what a wonderful thing to find at the post office. Merci!