Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm making these little house shapes, with windows cut into them.

On the reverse is a map design.

In case directions are needed, on the way home.

I was thinking for key chains. House Keys. Get it?

My bad puns.

But they could be worn as jewelry. Click your heels together, say "There's no place like home" and wish yourself away.

The leaves are beginning to turn color, the sky has been misty and foggy this week. I feel a little foggy because of scheduling, deadlines and projects at the day job. Insommnia has settled in too, guess it's time to cut off the caffeine for a few days, take the dog for a long walk.

The yellow, red and orange trees are inspiring. This time of year is like the grand finale from summer, before the greys and snows of winter settle in for the long cold season.


SummersStudio said...

The house one of my favourite images even though I rarely use it myself. I really like these with the window and the map idea. Very clever.

Lynn, if the gray skies that are coming get to be too much. Just let me know and I'll send you some W TX sun. Take care of yourself and try some nice cammomile tea before bed. If you don't sleep at least your tummy will feel nice.

TesoriTrovati said...

Your designs just light me up when I see them! I love the idea of the houses and the maps and the KEYS!
Fall is a special time of year. I always get a bit melancholy when the leaves are suddening shed off the trees. But I don't mourn the loss for long. That makes me look forward to next fall, and to stop and appreciate all that was holding those leaves up! It has been gray and rainy here. But looking at your pretties boosts my spirits! Enjoy the day! Erin

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn,

I love the little house shapes! No place like home, indeed!

I love fall with all its extravagant colors, like each tree is trying to out-do its neighbor. And when the leaves are gone, on a greyish day, the dark lacy shapes against the sky remind me of beautiful black-lace trimmed garments.

Plus, damp grey weather reminds me of Scotland. 8^)


joanna said...

Great ideas...

I envy you all in your fall colours... we will not get any until November or even as late as February here in NORTHEaST FLoRiDa, USA. It will not be anything compared with the show seen more north of here.

Caffeine bothering you? I have to cut it off by 3pm and have found that green tea gives you the energy with out all the surge as coffee gives, i like mine with lemon or lime. Do not brew in boiling water or for more than several minutes.

I see a red heart in the window... home is where the heart is...

sasha and max said...

These are so lovely and the map idea is just pure genius. We don't get such extremes in fall colours in Australia - nor temperature, but when I lived in Canada it was truly an amazing time of year to experience

joanna said...

Another thought came to me... Auntie Em in the window with a small heart.

This leads to so many different possibilities...

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Love love love the map on the back- very clever! Fantastic as always :)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I hope I don't have to go into the day job this weekend, I want to make up some more little houses, they're fun!

I'm thrilled that you all liked them so much too.

I like the idea about the heart, I have made some in the past with a little heart window instead of the square one, maybe I'll do some like that.

It's fun playing with the colors and having them all be a bit different, too.

And yes, I'm up at this hour because of the insommnia again. It is sure quiet!