Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honoring History

I watched a long documentary about the history of WWII recently.

That may be what has me thinking about these particular designs and styles.

When the pewter is polished, it has such a beautiful brilliant shine.

I have been thinking about history, our parts in it, and what each generation faces.

Some things as old as time.

Others brand new, a learning time.


joanna said...

Absolutely beautiful work as always, i received your family shield piece that you created that some how i was lucky enough to win, in the teaching comment contest.

It came so quickly, i had a great surprise in the Monday mail! I love surprises...

i have so many ideas for it's use, will let you know when i get it all together, it is a beautiful piece, thank you so much, and can not wait for you to start your journey in teaching.

Question here, can you bake resin pieces in a oven around 275 degrees F with polymer? Or would it be best to create polymer piece to go with resin and bake the polymer clay piece and attach the resin piece after the polymer piece is baked? Thank you again for sharing all of your knowledge, talent and ideas. I will probably do the later but thought i would ask anyway...

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Joanna, I'm glad it arrived (SURPRISE!) and that you are pleased, hope it inspires you.

Personally, I would make the polymer, bake it and add the resin later. There are lots of kinds of resin, but the one I work with doesn't really like to be baked.

It doesn't melt, but I can tell that it doesn't like it.

There are several things that don't like baking, such as crackle solution, some patinas, glues and glazes.

At least, with the resin I'm using, others might be different, I guess...

hint said...

Love these pieces and your reflection on history! My winged skull arrived this last weekend and I am so thrilled to have this piece. It's more beautiful in person. Now I have to think of how to dress him up for day of the dead :) Thanks for being you!