Friday, October 23, 2009

Lovers of Art Medallion

I have some older hardback books, the kind with a cloth cover and fancy gold lettering on the front. One has images of stylized flowers on it.

I wanted this medallion to look like it was cut from the cover of one of those old books.

It wasn't, I made it from scratch. I really don't like to take them apart, even if they're in bad shape. I think they're special just as they are found.

This medallion has the words "Should be Read by" and then a list, including "Students and all Lovers of Art" - I thought the lettering and decoration was very historic and vintage looking.

The back has french script, the word "London" is very visible. Like the cover interior of an old book.

It has a hole at each corner and one at the bottom. Maybe for attaching to a collage with brads, or for jump rings. It might be attached to ribbon and used as a special bookmark, or could be good looking as a handbag ornament. Or definitely wearable, if you enjoy very vintage looking items.

At any rate, it reminds me of old books in a library shelf, a little musty and with a font that's not common any more. But interesting because of its unique style.

P.S. - If you are interested in a shot at winning one of my resin word charms, you still have time today to post a reply at the Art Bead Scene blog on my Studio Saturday post from last week ... but today is the last chance before the winner is announced!


My maternal grandmother had old books around the house when I was growing up, they had the hardback covered in cloth bindings. The paper in them wasn't high cotton content and they had yellowed and the pages were brittle. I remember Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

I have an idea to make some journals with handmade covers. If I can't sleep (and I've been up again since 3:00 am today, wish that would ease up some) I get up and work on a few things before I have to leave the house for the regular day.

My fingers are crossed that I won't have to go into the office on the weekend ... so I can go in the studio for a good long session.


prettylittleshop said...

this is one of my favorites in your shop :)

Alice said...

I too love old books. My dad has a shelf full in his basement and I have been known to 'borrow' a few for displaying my jewelry on at shows. Many people completely ignore the jewelry to read the books!

I just love this medallion, and especially that both sides are a piece of art in itself!

EmandaJ said...

Lynn, I am totally gaga over this medallian! I studied gothic architecture in grad school and it required a lot of esoteric research in lots of old books. I think this piece is my most favorite yet! (I love old book too -- always have)