Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rose is a Rose by Any name

Roses are my birth flower.

My birthday is mid-summer, right before Flag Day.

I like to raise miniature rose bushes, I used to have a pink and a red in the herb garden by the Gulf Coast.

I haven't had any miniature roses for a couple of summers now. Next spring I need to be sure to get at least one. A good time to find them is February near Valentine's day holiday.

This brooch pin has a floral rose on it and the word "ROSE" in the resin charm.

To keep flowers on the mind when the cold weather returns.

It has a beautiful vintage style frame around it with a coppery-bronze patina on it.

It's a lovely oversized brooch pin, but versatile because it can have a chain attached to the two decorative loops on the top to make it a necklace, to wear around the neck.

Or pin to a coat lapel or scarf.

To keep roses in bloom, when the snows start to fly.


Do you ever feel scared, frightened in this economy? I do sometimes. I always do my best at the job, but it's easy to wonder sometimes. I hear stories, I see things that happen to other people.

It's a mental struggle, staying on track. Focused on what needs me.
Questioning myself, decisions made that still have long shadows.

Wondering what's the next chapter in this book of life. You know?


Alice said...

A beautiful piece! I've never been able to grow roses--but I can grow weeds quite well!

As for the economy, try not to worry too much--this will not make it better. Take one day at a time, watch your spending, save your pennies, and count your blessings.

SummersStudio said...

I like this idea of a pin that can also be worn on a chain. As for roses, I love them, especially the minis, but I have a black thumb. The economy does niggle at the back of my mind even though we are reasonably secure. But when you hear stories, not the news, but of close friends, I can't help but be concerned. So like you, I try to just focus on each day and do the best I can for friends.

The Joy of Nesting said...


Roses especially old roses are my favorite, and like you I miss growing them. This is not a good place to grow them! :( OH and I must agree with you, some of the most amazing people are born right around Flag Day!! My eldest son has a birthday every Flag Day :)

Will all that's going on around us, we can't help but wake up in the middle of the night with a case of the panics. It's only human, and humans do not like suprises that force any kind of charge on us. I have found the best way for me to handle these "what if" episodes is to remind myself that I have a plan to cope with and handle these circumstances IF they arise. Using valuable irreplaceable time feeding my fears about things I can't control or might not ever happen is a very poor use of my valuble and exceedingly finite time.

For the most part this works best for me. Granted it's taken a whole lot of living and years to get here. :) Being rather a stubborn person it took a long time to get through my head that I was never going to control the future, no matter how many nights I spent creating contingency plans!!! Admittingly I still have "what if" episodes I just try not to let them take up to much of my time these days :)

And when all else fails I get up and make a bit of art!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

My grandmother had a rose bush that used to grow next to the front porch steps, it was called a "Peace Rose" and it was a beautiful golden yellow, peach and pink color. The petals changed color through the flower, it was a lovely thing. I guess that's one reason I like them so much.

And the smell, of course. Heady heavy rose scent. Yum!

Thanks friends for the encouraging words. I listen to the radio and the news, sometimes it just gives me pause.

Mentally I know I have to live in the "NOW" - but sometimes it's more of a challenge than others.

joanna said...

Lynn, go with your heart, and passions, with a lot of hard work, it will pay off.

Me personally, i tend to vacillate between feelings, i try to take one day at a time, like Alice said. It is so true, just keep in mind, that there are worst things that can happen and we can not control what happens to us, but we can control the way we react to things happening to us, something like that, i think i misquoted, but that is the general meaning.

Just keep creating with passion from your heart. You are a true aesthete...

joanna said...

Listen to more music... and news once a day, it gets very repetitive.

I am a news junky myself, but that is me, I LOVe this pendant, it reminds me of my mom, my niece and daughter all at once.

Beautiful piece... i know, i am rambling... *G*