Thursday, November 26, 2009



This little urn is full of my good wishes and celebrations for the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

And for those of you in some other part of the world, celebrate the fall season, the falling leaves.

Unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, of course!

It's a wish for good food, family, fun and time off to rest and relax.

I know that the Canadians have already celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday.

Let's all pause for a good meal, a gathering of family and friends.

Cheers - have a cup of punch and a hot toddy!


So - what's with the little wires sticking out of the bottom of some of the charms I'm making recently?

Well, I know that some of you make lampwork or ceramic beads, maybe you'd like to add some pewter headpins together with them.

Usually when I add the wires to the pewter, I go ahead and put the beads on, to finish. But I thought some of you extraordinary creative types might like to add your own beads.

So the urn has a loop at the top for adding to a chain, or whatever you like. And the wire at the bottom, for your ceramic, lampwork or crystal beads to be added.

I also made this key, with a wire for a headpin, I can think of a dozen ways I'd use it with beads or filigree...

Like the one next to it, with the bow at the top, there's a headpin wire at the bottom with a filigree and a brass hand charm. And that ceramic bead is by Gaea, doesn't it look like a little candy mint?

So that's the story of the headpins ... Can you think of fun ways to use the key and urn?
Don't forget the GIVEAWAY tomorrow, if you haven't posted there's still time to reply.


FrankandRox said...

What an awesome idea! I wish I had thought of it. I love what you've arranged on the bow, very charming..oh pardon the pun.

The Joy of Nesting said...

These really are so versatile Lynn,
The wire allows for so many different presentations!!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving today and I hope you were alble to slow down enought to make a few wonderful memories!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Davinia said...

I'm down in the Southern Hemisphere and things are starting to heat up. Love the pewter headpins, just gorgeous.