Monday, November 23, 2009

Spooning and Skulls

I'm reading some new mystery stories from the public library, they're set in Britain on a Devon farm. There's a lot of background information about running the dairy farm, sheep herding.

It's always interesting to me to learn about other cultures, other ways of living. The idea of milking dairy cows twice a day, and shearing the sheep for the wool, is romantic to think about but I'll bet it's a lot of work. Long hours, tiring.

The weather this weekend was lovely and mild. I had the windows and patio door open, it won't be long before it's too cold to do that.

I made a bunch of pewter this weekend. Some things look very old and worn, I can picture how I'd use them to make jewelry myself. But I went ahead and put them into the Etsy shop, in case someone is working on a holiday gift project.

The little spoon top charms remind me of a ring given to me by an aunt and uncle, years ago. Like the ornate tops of silver sugar spoons, but with a loop to make earrings. I put a hole at the bottom for a dangle, maybe a pearl or a faceted crystal bead. Something pretty and feminine.

I've also been watching the TV show called "BONES" lately, when I can catch it. It's more of a challenge without the TiVO that got sparked during the lightning strike, but I can sometimes find a re-run of a show I haven't seen before.

Maybe that's the source of the pewter skulls. I think they look very interesting. Like the catacombs beneath a cathedral. Memento mori, remember life...


SueBeads said...

Now you've switched to metal! You are one busy person. I love both but love the skulls!

SummersStudio said...

Like them both but the skulls are my favourite. Love that they are sitting just near St Louis. We watch Bones as well. Do you read the Kathy Reichs novels? They are quite good.

TesoriTrovati said...

I love the pewter pieces, Lynn! So many ways to use them. And those skulls are all the rage right now. I know these will sell quickly for you! Enjoy the day! Erin

Anonymous said...

love them and those skulls are awesome.