Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tiny Houses of Welcome

Remember a while back when I made some of these little houses, some of you mentioned about hearts. Those houses had square windows cut into them. These are "home is where the heart is" style, with the windows in the shape of a heart.

Like the others, these have a map design on the back, to guide your heart back home.

I made four in different colors. Sometimes it's a challenge to name the colors so others can picture the shade.

These are very subtle colors, with a tone like things in nature. Slate and Moss. One looks like demin to me. The ruddy color reminds me of brick.

These are very simple, for adding to a keychain, like I mentioned before, for House Keys.

Or give to a child who's leaving home for college or to their first apartment on a keychain, to remind where the heart begins and where it belongs.

They say the hearth is the heart of the home. Did you notice that HEART and HEARTH are just one letter different?


Esther said...

these are beautifuls!!

mairedodd said...


SummersStudio said...

I'm very fond of home imagery, and especially at this time of year as we get closer to the holidays. I love the map as a guide on the back and of course the heart as a window into the symbol of the home is very special.

Gaea said...

LOVE These!

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Angel.Pearls said...

Great blog I found the houses with heart..Now I'll check out your Etsy!! Love//Eva Sweden