Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Buckets of Resin and Soap

On Sunday I did the step-by-step photos for the article coming out in the spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, so I can meet the deadline.

First I had to do a MAJOR cleaning of the studio, so I could set up the camera and do the pictures.

I even vacuumed the floor, although I'm sure the floor won't show up in the pictures. Once I got started, it didn't seem right to finish without doing it all.

This was the "messy" end of the studio, where the wet, acidic and sticky stuff happens. And where the kiln, glass cutting and other tricky things go on, to keep it from spreading all over the whole studio.

So I popped out some resin charms that I put together on Saturday, and spent the morning refining and polishing them. Then I had to vacuum again, to get rid of the resin dust. It goes EVERYwhere!

On some I drilled holes straight through, for jump rings or wire wrapping.

I also experimented with drilling side-to-side through the larger resin beads, to make it possible to string them. That seems to work pretty well, I'll have to keep doing that. I want to play with them, but I'm going to list them in the Etsy shop in case someone needs them for a holiday gift project. I can make some for myself later ...

And to make it easier, maybe someday I'll get a drill press that works with my rotary tool. But not right now. I'll just steady my arms and hand and do it without a drill press.

Some are very vintage looking, with family photos or lotion labels.

Others were simple word charms, with a light background.

Some I'll use with the pewter to create focal beads and ornaments, and others will be listed in the ExpeditionD shop, to use as they are.

I like using the resin. After I've been casting pewter for a while, I long for some eye popping color as a break from the metal. I love the two of them together, it's a great addition of color and texture to a finished brooch or pendant.

So I wonder how long it will take the studio to get all messy again? Maybe my resolution can be to keep the studio neat - or at least to thoroughly clean it once a week. Once a month?


Val Zdero said...

They look excellent, each and every one of them - I bet it wont take very long at all to get the studio to where it was before the big clean :D

SummersStudio said...

Nothing like a deadline to motivate, eh? Personally, I only think cleaning should happen in crisis mode. Otherwise it gets in the way of all of the more important stuff. Or when there simply isn't enough room to do the important stuff. The resin pieces are little beauties. But I can imagine how the dust would float into everything. A bit like clay dust.

TesoriTrovati said...

I just want to grab them all up! I love to touch your resin pieces and feel the smooth surface and see the images magnified within. I love what you do with them in the pewter and I am glad you are drilling some with holes. I see some words that I might not be able to live without. Thank you for sharing, and I am eagerly awaiting Belle Armoire in the spring! Enjoy the day! Erin

Riki Schumacher said...

I love the new pieces Lynn! Especially the older one that says "smile" of course! These are great. I know what you mean about your workshop...I give it about one day for me to mess mine up again! Can't wait to see the article. Let us know when it's out, and congrats on being published yet again! Riki

Esther said...

wow you are a bee!!! beautiful pieces!! love all of them!! punchy's coulors and great themes!!

Anonymous said...

love all the pieces!
i have to clean up my space too - very soon ;D

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

If I don't get a chance to go into the studio for days, it stays pretty clean! But that's not what I want, so this weekend I must get down there, even though it's getting colder now.

The day job is very busy and keeping me out of the studio. But the holidays are coming whether I'm ready for them or not!