Monday, December 7, 2009

Charlotte Angel Was Worth It

Well, the hands are cleaner today. However, I did manage to burn myself -- twice.

A while back, you may remember, when I got a new soldering iron, I burned my left hand middle finger by accidently touching the business part of the soldering iron. It healed up, I just have a little scar. Hurt like crazy, though.

Yesterday, while melting some pewter, I accidently touched the hot metal at that same place on the same hand. It didn't blister, maybe because I put ice on it right away.

Then later in the day, I did it again with the other hand.

So I have matching middle fingers.

I leave burns open, no bandaid or bandage on them, so they can heal cleanly.

So what was I doing to earn all this damage to my hands? I was putting the finishing touches on this Angel Charlotte.

After all, if Charlotte froze as it says in the story, surely she became a celestial angel?

This one is going in a special goodie package to a friend, I hope she goes over well.

She has holes in her legs for jump rings or wire wrapping. And long wires out of her angel wings, to be used for beads or wire wrapping for connectors.

She may be too large for jewelry, she is quite a good sized angel, but I can see her as a holiday ornament or used in some way around the house.

Myself, I'd make a giant pendant and wear her as jewelry, but that's just me being my usual silly self.

So off I go to the regular routine, I need to find time to make holiday greeting cards soon.

And Angel Charlotte is going to her new home.

Adieu, Charlotte, Angel!


Greer said...

The angle is gorgeous, I'm sure your friend will just love her!

stregata said...

Wow, you outdid yourself this time, Lynn!!! What a fantastic piece! Sorry to hear about your burns, I hope you cooled them well immediately.

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

it's lovely! oh, do be careful with the iron - i burned my finger once with a wood burning tool and yes, it hurts like the dickens.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Ha they say the sign of a dedicated artist is the amount of pain they suffer!! :) Not quite as painful as say loosing your sight but-womam oh woman blisters on the tips of your fingers. Dang Lynn that is true dedication!! :)

But if the result is your Charlotte angel, she is awesome. And I don't know, that she's to big for a necklace, she would be one incredible focal for sure!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

6p00d8341cd2ac53ef said...

Oh! Isn't she amazing! Your work is stunning, Lynn! But then, you already know I'm a fan...

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Deryn, is that you, signed in as an alpha-numeric cypher?

Oh, I'm so glad you like her. She's quite large, but very detailed ... you might like one, I'm thinking maybe???

Thanks for the advice, medical and otherwise, about the burn. It's the joint area between the finger and knuckle on top of the finger, and no, I don't know why that area keeps getting the brunt of my clumsy ways.

Pattie, I'm really not trying to suffer, but I guess when my hands get cold they get desperate for warmth, LOL! It might snow here tonight, can you believe it???

Brenda said...

Lynn!! Your angel is breathtaking--will you be making some to sell in your etsy shop? Ready to teach pewter yet???
You are incredible!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Brenda, I'm almost ready to teach the pewter, since I'm self-taught I have a lot to teach myself first! And the first thing is - don't burn yourself, LOL.

Maybe in the spring or summer of 2010 I'd be ready to try to teach it, I'm still refining (no pun intended) the methods and how I'm doing things myself.

As for putting a Charlotte Angel in Etsy, I didn't know if anyone would want something quite that large ... if there was a request for one, I'd do one. (it's quite a bit of doing to make one ...)