Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feathered Friends, Sweet Bird Songs

A little while ago, a lovely new friend offered me use of some special french mementos. I could make casts from them, create molds, and replicate them in pewter.

I was thrilled, flattered and excited. Of course, I'd love to try!

They are items brought back from a trip to Paris, special little mementos. I'm taking very good care of them. They're very unique and precious.

I got the first test batches cast, got the molds created.

And today I started casting the metal.

Aren't they fun and lovely?

Some are bird shapes, this friend is particularly fond of birds.

I can tell from the originals that they are very vintage, and it gives me hints about what the pewter castings should look like. Usually, I'm just making things up from my imagination, guessing what they should look like.

Some have a coppery-bronze patina on them. With holes drilled for adding jump rings. And some have jump rings cast into them.

That's one thing the originals were sometimes missing, a way to attach things to them, and to each other.

I have more to work on, but I wanted to share these so you can see. Of course, the first set goes back to the lovely friend who sent me the originals. It's only fair, simply right.

But I have agreement that I can offer some in the Etsy shop, too. And I know some of you love birds, too. But I want the first set to arrive and be enjoyed; I know by posting this there won't be a surprise.

But I couldn't wait to share!

And I'll share some more photos tomorrow, when more of them are ready to show.

Don't you love them? I can't wait to play with them. I think they'd make lovely holiday decorations, too.

Speaking of which, I STILL have NOT decorated the tree! It's up, the lights are on, but no ornaments.

Maybe TONIGHT.... definitely.


mairedodd said...

these are fabulous! i absolutely love them!! hey, you have a tree! i have a cleaned out corner for my tree - and that felt like quite the accomplishment... hope your hands are healing...

EmandaJ said...

These are exquisite, just beautiful! And what a generous friend.

Happy Holidays,

Alice said...

I'm blown away by these treats for the eye!

I've got a tree (one of four) that is up but not decorated. Poor thing looks kind of sad....

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, these are gorgeous and I really like the way you've placed the rings for attachments. I have a tree in the cellar and corner in the living room where it's supposed to go. So you are way ahead of me.

stregata said...

these pieces are magnificent! You did a fantastic job!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

OOOOOHHHH!!! What can I say? Stupendous! They turned out so incredible Lynn, way to go! I just have to say it, lucky me, lucky me!! I am so glad they worked out. I thought you would have some fun with these! Got a great package today, I'm going to miss when they aren't arriving about every other day now! ha ha. Take care Lynn, the best of holidays ever. Hugs, Riki

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

You are truely talented! Amazing pieces!