Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amazing Treasures

Remember a while back, I sent a special package off, with goodies that I hoped would inspire?

If you check out
Amy Hanna's blog, she posted about using some of my pieces in her design for a necklace.

I just love her style. Have you seen her book, "Rejuvenated Jewels" - it's lovely. It inspires me when I'm trying to come up with a replica of an antique piece.

I'm thrilled that Amy liked my pieces. I'm making some more of the vintage looking hand connector charms, she has a class coming up in March.

Anyway, I was excited about Amy using my pieces and wanted to share about it.
It's still very cold here, but I expect a warmer trend and I'll be able to work in the studio without frostbite mid-week, hopefully.

To those who may have found the blog through Amy's post, thanks for all your interest and questions, it's exciting to have so many new visitors.

If you've ordered from me, I may not have things shipped the next day as usual, but I'm preparing shipping as quickly as I can - so if you've ordered from the Etsy shop and you're on a deadline please let me know, I may be a few days longer in shipping than my usual next day to the post office routine but if I know you need things sooner, I'll do my best.


mairedodd said...

your pieces help designers achieve new heights! all of it is beautiful... that hand is so cool! it amazes me that you are working in less than favorable conditions and can still turn out what you do - an inspired and dedicated lady, for sure!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I think your pewter pieces just get better and better. I've just had a look at Amy's blog and that necklace is gorgeous. The pewter hand and medalion are perfect.

Anonymous said...


Riki Schumacher said...

Love the little hand, need to get some of those. So delicate, just darling! Congrats on Amy mentioning you, that is very cool! I know your pieces are getting better and better, I agree completely!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Hi Lynn, I saw the piece Amy created over on her blog and it's gorgeous. Tomorrow I'm posting a necklace I made with the faux jet glove pendant I purchased from you. Hope you like it!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Diana, that's gorgeous! I love seeing what people make - thanks so much for sharing!