Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A while back, I did some experimenting to figure out how to get the look of enameled metal or glazed ceramic in my polymer clay work.

I had a hard time getting the colors I wanted, but finally the elusive baby blue, robin's egg blue, was identified.

Last weekend I made these two little houses. To me they look like light colored clay, fired with a very translucent glaze. The sheen and shine comes from much sanding, buffing and polishing, it's the natural sheen of the polymer clay.

Polymer clay is the medium I turn to when I need things with a look that's organic or natural, like bone or shell. Mother of pearl emblems, jet jewelry. Things like that.

I'm starting to make some of the little hearts I had last year at this time - they were very popular for February. So if you liked them, there will be some in the ExpeditionD Etsy shop soon.

It's funny, some days I run around the studio mixing the media.

Cut the glass, put in the kiln, set for firing. Turn to creating something in polymer clay, put in the polymer-dedicated toaster oven, set the timer. Turn on the crucible to heat some metal, cut some paper for soldered glass. Pour some pewter castings, let them cool, take out the polymer clay from the oven. Round and around.

But I really like it that way. Making maximum use of the downtime in each process, or maybe only driving myself dotty. I just have to be sure I don't forget anything that's in the works. That's where the timer helps. Every time it goes off I have to get up, stretch, move around the studio.

Seems like the best plan for me, right now. Mixing it up...


Spirited Earth said...

These are beautiful little houses..and i would have bet they were have gotten that look perfectly.

SueBeads said...

They do look like ceramic, Lynn! I love them!

TesoriTrovati said...

jinkies but those are dynamite little charms. i will need to run out and see if i can't get one for myself. i love 'em. thanks for sharing insight into your creative process. enjoy the day! erin

*jean* said...

o they are amazing!!