Saturday, January 9, 2010


Isn't this necklace beautiful?

Riki Schumaker made it, using one of the pewter pieces. I love how she combined the chain in the center to make the dangles. I should probably have put a loop or a hole there in the center of the focal wings bead, but she just added the chain, and it looks gorgeous that way.

And the coppery-bronze golden tones to the whole thing. It's just scrumptious!

I have a small locket almost like that one. And I have an angel charm just like that, a friend gave it to me at Artfest last year.

Speaking of that, I have signed up again to go in the spring. I can't wait! I'm taking all the classes with Richard Salley, unless life intervenes. You know how that is, sometimes!

I don't know how I'm going to get a butane torch to Washington State on an airplane (I probably won't, I'll have to buy one there and ship it or something) and all the other things I'll be needing, I should should start gathering them up now.

Anyone else headed to Artfest in Port Townsend? Maybe we could find each other there...

Well, I have a lot to do this weekend, and it's very chilly, so I better not hold still too long, gotta keep moving.


mairedodd said...

the necklace is beautiful... everything just fits so well together... and, wow - classes with richard salley - very cool! it just seems to be cold every where! have a nice weekend...

TesoriTrovati said...

That is really lovely...I just used one of your wings in my ABS inspired piece. I will send you an email when I get a decent picture!
Enjoy the day!

The Joy of Nesting said...


You can pack your torch minus the butane in you non carry on bagage. I brought home a new propane torch because I can't get butane here but I can propane. There is no way someone up there can transport butane down here to me :( Soooo pack the torch and plan on buying the butane when you get there.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies, so generous of you.

Yes, I'm excited about classes with Richard Salley, he's one of my heros.

Erin, I'll have to check out your design, can't wait to see!

Pattie, that's a good idea. With all the upgraded security, I expect that having a torch even in checked baggage may be too scary for the airline. I'll figure something out, but that's a great suggestion.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lynn, you are so sweet. Thank you for your post. Just love working with your beautiful focal points. Can't wait to make more! Take care, and stay warm in that garage! Yes, to pack the torch, with note that it is for a class and where, but don't carry it on!! Leave the fuel at home, and buy some there. I think Patti has it right, but the airline can tell you. Good luck. Riki