Sunday, February 14, 2010

Locking the Writing

Remember a while back, I threw out some ideas about using the replica of the pen nib in various ways, and one was for a toggle?

Well, here's what happened today.

The very old-looking padlock got a toggle made from the pen nib.

I watched a movie about a Jane Austen novel the other day, I think it gave me the idea.

The words locked up inside, flowing out through the end of a pen dipped in an inkwell.

You just never know where things come from.

Well, I'm off to have some dinner. And then watch a movie I recorded. It's "Becoming Jane" about Jane Austen.

Who knows what will come out of that?


*jean* said...

oo that is fabulous!

mairedodd said...


Heather Powers said...

I love this! Lynn you are always a marvel of creativity.

SummersStudio said...

Yes! This is wonderful. Love the connection to Jane Austin.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, friends. Your encouraging words keep me motivated and I really appreciate you all!

Heather, that's high praise, I consider you La Queen de Beads and all things glorious!

Alice said...

Love it! Your constant stream of creativity is awesome!

Riki Schumacher said...

I concur, you continue to amaze us! You creative little genius you. Riki said...

I love this.