Thursday, February 25, 2010

Many Hands Makes Light Work

Many hands make light work.

That's an old proverb, about helping each other.

These are many hands, all made for a special project and on their way to their new home, to inspire many others that I haven't even met.

This was only half of the group, there were more than this.

I wanted to see what they looked like all together.

Now that the month of February is ending, I'll count up the number of Helping Hands that went out in January and February, to see how much help is going to Haiti as a donation.

It was exciting to see them go, as it meant I was helping and reaching out.
Thanks to all of you who joined hands with me on this project.


Andrew Thornton said...

The hands look great and are very elegant! Thanks for lending your helping hands!

(Oh, I thought this was too funny to pass up. The word verification: "votedcop".)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Andrew, so good to see you on the blog, hope your travels have been fun and the weather is cooperating - what's this I hear about Hawaii?

You made me laugh, thanks for the funnybone tickle.