Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Ramblings

It's raining here today, since last night it has rained steadily. It means that the last of the snow is gone. And that it's above freezing, otherwise there'd be more snow. A lot more snow, if all this rain turned to snow instead.

I didn't work late into the night again. I got too tired. But I did get all my orders shipped out yesterday, except for one large custom order I'm finishing up today. So that makes me happy. I like the feeling of completion I get when the goodies head out the door to new homes.

Today is strictly for finishing the custom order - then maybe something else. I made some new molds yesterday too, and can't wait to take some first casts from them in pewter.

This resin piece I created a while back, I wanted to see if I could drill through the resin to turn the cabochons into beads of a sort. On this one I wanted to add some twisted wire hanger made of annealed iron, to make it look like an old advertising token of some kind. It has the words "OLD STORY" in it, with several different memory recollection images inside it.

I put it into the Etsy shop, I have a couple more to photograph and add there later.

If I finish the custom order in time, I want to pour some more resin while the temperatures are warmer. The resin has to cure overnight, so I have to be sure it stays warm enough in the studio for it.

In using the mini-vacuum to clean up resin dust the other day I think I accidently captured some small resin beads in the dust catcher of the vacuum, so I need to open it carefully. I can hear something solid rattling inside, and two of the smaller resin beads are missing.

The dog comes in from outdoors with shiny drops of water on her back and dark feet from the wetness on the ground. I don't mind the rain, since I don't have to go anywhere today. I can just watch it out the patio door, dripping on the deck.
PS - I put a few things on sale in the Etsy shop, if you've been waiting for a little sale you might pop over and check out the list, maybe your favorite is included...

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SummersStudio said...

I am happy to hear your weather is finally warming up. You've had such a hard winter up there. We were warm and now we are set to snow again. Yuk.