Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beauty in a Bezel

Karen Burns of Vintage Findings makes some lovely things. Recently she sent me this photo of a piece that's in the works.

She used one of my square cast pewter bezels. Doesn't it look wonderful with all the goodies she added to it?

Here's what she told me, after I saw her photo in an email and told her how much I admired what she's done with the bezel:

"Good Morning. Thank you for the compliment. You may blog about it, sure! It is unfinished yet, the little 'gem tintype' is not secure yet. Am waiting to do more before I stir up the Ice Resin. At least I think that is how I want to do it. The little silver purse was purchased on a trip to London - it's original use was to hold postage stamps. I drilled a hole in the bottom of a small glass bottle when I found the perfect little silver caps that fit. I inserted some vintage text from an old German bible. The center is a piece of an old earring. I have to work on the chain yet. I just may need some more of your wonderful bezels!"

See why I love getting photos from all of you on what you're making - they're luscious!

Thank you, Karen, it's lovely.


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susanc said...

Those are really beautiful. I love how she's used your bezel, along with the earring and the piece on the left. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I saw Karen's bezel piece in Las Vegas. It's beautiful!