Friday, March 5, 2010

Button, Button

A while back I played around with creating old buttons, with fun images inside.

They're resin, with two holes for stitching onto a tote, or using as part of a clasp for a bracelet or necklace, if you do beadwork or stringing.

One has the art for a Birch Beer label inside.

The other has a label for Eau de Cologne. They're both translucent, light shines through if you hold them up to a lamp, and the backs are plain ivory color.

They remind me of a peanut butter jar full of buttons that my grandmother had.

Back long ago in Texas, they ran a small laundry. Before most folks had a washer and dryer in their house.

My grandparents ran the laundry, weighing the parcels to determine the cost of the washing and drying. I guess the old-time wringer was hard on buttons, and they would sometimes pop off.

So my grandmother had this jar full of buttons.

These are my idea of creating new ones that resemble some of those. They're in the ExpeditionD Etsy shop, if you love old buttons too.

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